Our Mission

Lal Sons prides itself as a conscientious corporate citizen for whom integrity and honesty are a mantra paramount.  We believe that fairness and high integrity with our business partners are the foundations of our present position which is built on transparency and frankness. These have held us in good stead and resulted in mutually benificial business relations with our customers some of which have rewarded us with their unflinching support for more than 25 years.

We sincerely believe that growth and profit can only be achieved with the superlative service to the customer.  We feel that our customers support and patronage is more from our sharing the advantages and cost savings resultant from our induction of modern technology in our processes

Our mission is to satisfy the needs of our customers through packaging solutions for their products by providing:

    * Highly competitive products manufactured with the best quality inputs using appropriate technology.

    * Leadership and innovation in all stages of its manufacturing process.

    * Productivity, profits, and continuous growth for our customer company and ourselves, while respecting the environment.

    * More than a quality packing - Our mission is to provide customers value in sourcing their packaging needs that will compliment its customers products and make their business more competitive.

    * Quality that the customers retail chain will allocate prime shelf space and display with pride

    * To be the best in our field and not necessarily the biggest

LalSons  provides its customers:

    * Fast, responsive, localized service

    * Experienced technical support

    * Solutions designed to help address issues like inventory, safety stock levels, minimum order requirements,

    * Ancillary services like cost reduction without compromising the integrity of the pack by design innovation, enhancement of the graphics utilizing the sheen of the base metal etc.

    * Our technical team provides packing solutions with over 30 years experience in the metal packaging industry.

    * Our personnel know the packaging process and can impact your production.  We\'ll help you find the right solution for mar -resistant movement / handling of materials prior to and after filling.


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