LalSons offers a unique low cost CNC punching system. It is offered in two models.

CNC punching system with automatic sheet loading

CNC punching system with manual sheet loading 

The main features are:

  • Full sheet punching - Feeding system size can vary from 800mm X 1,000mm to 12,000mm X 1,500mm
  • High accuracy of 0.1mm overall on the full sheet on both X and Y axis
  • CNC controlled by Servo motor and controller of Japanese make like Panasonic and Yasakawa
  • 100% flexibility in punching layout.
  • Can be used to punch sections like angles, channels, pipes
  • quick change over of time of 30 mins between different jobs including tool change.
  • Easy to operate - your normal press operator can run the system.
  • Very low capital cost
  • For marginally slower speeds we can offer stepper motor controls also
  • High reliability - all critical parts like guideways, servo motors, controllers are from well established imported manufacturers
  • Can be programed to punch in any pattern of punching.
  • automatic sheet feeding system if required.
  • All our equipment is will accept a retrofit of automatic sheet loading system at a later date if required.
  • 24/7 Spares and service.

. The system is flexible and can be designed to suit most syncronized feeding requirements. All you need to do is tell us about the material you want to work on, Its thickness and overall size. We will revert in 24 hours with our detailed proposal.

The applications of LalSons CNC punching system are endless, some of which are:

  • canmaking industry
  • metal perforation industry - cable trays, slotted angles, rolled sections and pipes, mass seating systems like chairs etc.
  • motor laminates,
  • punching stainless steel, ferrous and non ferrous sheets and sections, plastics, paper, board,  etc.

 Click here to see pictures of some of the applications


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